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Sauna – Fitness – Sport

Culture & Sauna & Fitness & Sport
Motion for mind and body gets the vitality and health


Cultur regional:  fussfrei – Kulturforum
A-4360 Grein, Kaiser Friedrich Straße 5,
Veranstaltungsagentur Baumfried
A-4382 Sarmingstein
Sattl 14
Tel +43 7268 21 223   

Take in the front row seat and enjoy, so to speak fuss free cultural entertainment with high artistic standards in small, fine frame surrounded by historic scenes. The Strudengauer network fuss-free” bypasses all natural and geographic boundaries and inspires the cultural offer of our country!

 Jazz, classical, comedy, literature, theater, popular culture, film and many interesting summer school courses of music, dance, painting, theater about writing workshop and much more makes this year again for an entertaining Porgramm.  
Sauna: sauna A public sauna is located in the leisure center Grein
(4 km away).
Opening times are shown in our brochure.
k-2015-07-09 grein sauna (5) Rand  
Infrared cabin:  Infrarotkabine 1 NEW   in  our Apartmenthouse  !!!
Tired, stressed, exhausted?
The new infra-red cabin for 2 persons should also be used for you.
Details in personal conversation.
 k-Infrarotkabine 4  
Massages: Uptight? tired ? listless? Back problems, etc.?   

Vital massages Professional- Medical
Gassner Waltraud
4360 Grein, Gießenbach 2
Tel. +43 664 7354 6452

Halfway from Grein to St.Nikola is the entrance to the famous hiking route Stillensteinklamm.
Located next to the B3, behind the railway viaduct, located on the left side you will find my ordination.
If necessary, please give me a call to schedule coordination.
outdoor pool: k-20150612Schwimmbad 012 (6) In an attractive hillside location, the solar-heated swimming pool is located in the market town of St. Nikola 500m away. Open to the sunny days of summer season.
Alternatively, the swimming pool in Grein.
Some attractive lakes are within reach in the next, like lake Waldhausen, Hößgang, Dornach, etc.
k-20150612Schwimmbad 012 (4)  
Curling: k-esv-30 j 108 A convivial form of activity within the pastime or competition. In the park of the Residence Club ESV St.Nikola are to be manipulatedyoua. Young and young at heart admire during light activity in the fresh and healthy air. esv-30 j 077  
Traditional fishing boat trips: k-2010 p1 With our cyclists ferry over the Danube and sun rides were previously always an experience. Now we entrust with regional tours a company with Danube barges. With a larger number of participants, the ship company DSA offers (Danube navigation Ardagger) with the cruise ship Donaunixe. k-img_5463  
Hiking along Danube Trail: k-dsteig weg 1 The new Danube Trail” offers many routes to explore values with cultural and historical highlights in our beautiful countryside. k-dst blumwies 1  
cycling: k-drw 2p spa Accommodation right on the Danube cycle path. Ideal starting point for cyclists.
Bike hire available at the hotel. Only for local use.
k-Fahrräder 007  
 ebike: k-ebike (2)  Touring bike, mountain bikes, 2 ebikes.
Our two ebikes make it easy for you on short, long, possibly mountainous routes.
 k-ebike (3)  
climb:  Climbing and bouldering in Strudengau and surroundings hall Grein

Close by the municipal area (Stillensteinklamm, Sarmingstein, etc.) are more stations with climbing walls, routes, including new climbing paradise” in All Saints in Mühlkreisautobahn (in Perg), in about 30km.

Open daily 08: 00h to 22: 00h without supervision. Entrance located at the Castle alley Klimbing shop“.

Air Rifle Shooting k-schtzenclub grein 3 In the Club Sports Complex Grein (4 km) it is possible. Contact: Johann Zavadil, 0664/373 4204 or k-dsc08697  
tennis: einzel vereinsmeisterschaften 2011 014 Tennis club in Grein (4 km).
This complex is located in the leisure center, opposite the entrance to the public swimming pool.
For those interested, there is the tourist office and at the beach Grein Grein guests to buy vouchers. Depending Bon is acquired (n) woman thus to operate one hour tennis court. How and where is noted directly on the back of the voucher.
k-einzel vereinsmeisterschaften 2011 088  
riding: Black Friesian horse in the sunset with rider Full range in our region, inter alia, the stud to Klam
(5km at Grein). Visit Clam also the beautiful and romantic castle. With its environment, it offers an annual host of various musical events.
In Georg coachmanin St. Georgen am Wald (about 19 km) you will experience special. Horse-drawn-carriage rides or by the robust Mühlviertel cozy restaurant-stops will delight you. Tel. + 43-7954-2307
k-Kutsche Sommer 2  
fishing:  Angler in Aktion Danube, regional lakes and ponds provide ample fishing fishing grounds. You can find information about the permissions in our portfolio. k-Angel2phi 800X600  
Boats / boating:  Boot am See 9 Stopover for rowers and boat captains! From the Danube direct access under the B3 bridge leading to the jetty in Dimbach (about 15m). The apartment building is located at ca. 100m away. Adjustment for rowing boats in one of the garages when available. k-2010 p1  
motorcycle:  Motorbike Motorcycle fans welcome! Some of the most popular routes are close by and offer the bikers and natural curves without limit!  k-2015-05-05 Motorräder 030