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Culture, natur & hiking

  WandernDonausteigCulture, natur & hiking k-dst 2p grein 1
the Danube walkway Strudengau
4 days(3 nights) or 5 days(4 nights)
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March / Apr / May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep / Okt
Easily manageable walking program with 3 routes in the Danube region. Mixture of movement, entertainment and culture. Suitable for all ages The program is cited as a suggestion. You can obtain further information to and stay at alternatives.
  [ 1. day]

Day program:   

  •  Arrival, room reference. In our guest information booklet you will find information about the history of the Danube market, the region and the ship’s master house, as well as advice on tours with mileage data, and much more.
    You are welcome.
  [ 2. day]

Day programwalk Stillensteinklamm  

  • After strengthening from breakfast: With power, the day begins..
  • Hike on a trail through the Stillensteinklamm and back: A gentle stroll from the apartment through the village St.Nikola, Struden, known for Stillensteinklamm. By this hike about 4 km long gorge to stop at a well-known restaurant. After a rest and strengthening (suggestion: Mühlviertler Most snack“), you walk over the Danube route look back to the apartment St.Nikola.
    Approximately 4 hrs. + Station stays

Evening program:

  • A Chinese restaurant is located in the neighborhood. Has proven itself in a short time with excellent quality best. A convenient way to enrich the palate with exotic fare.
  [ 3. day]

Day program:   

  • After strengthening from breakfast: With power, the day begins.
  • Hike Wolf Canyon:  Wolf Canyon and Castle Bad Tick to Grein, (about 8 miles). With the guest bus from the apartment house I drive you to Bad crosses (11km). From the village, starting the hike leads to the castle crosses, which you can visit. Then descend to the romantic Wolf Gorge. From there on the trail to Mountain Gassner. Rested and will continue wandered through beautiful forest and meadow paths to Hahnenwirt, then the center of the Danube town of Grein. There is one of the oldest theaters in German-speaking countries.
  • Visiting the historic theater. This brings original historical customs and traditions evident. Recommendation: Stadttheater leadership.
  • Visit the towering high above the Danube Greinburg Castle.
  • Then the last part of the walking route to the bus stop on the B3. From there, I‘ll get you to the agreed time with the guest bus again.
  [ 4. day]

Day program:   

  • After strengthening from breakfast: With power, the day begins.
  • Hike Danube Valley Nöchling to St.Nikola: I take you with the guestbus on Hirschenau after Nöchling health resort, stunning views of the Alps. Pulpit Sattl The hike begins on Gloxwald to St. Nikola. (Note: Walking distance about 14 km, Inns, service areas and rural snack stations are available on the route).

Evening program:

  • torchlight hike:  At a short evening walk around the area the torches are a cozy companionship. Walk about 30 minutes.

(Note: this day is in the short 4-day program not included)

  [ 5. day]

Day program:   

  • Depart:  After breakfast the journey home begins.

Thank you for your visit !   I hope you can tell successful about us and this holiday.

 General Additional Information:

Overnight stay in the booked period
Breakfast to take from bufett
Information brochure with hiking and excursions
Bottle of sparkling wine and bottle of mineral water on arrival
Cafe and Tea Box 1x filled
Torch or lantern short hike
1 pack per apartment on loan for the duration of the stay
The program proposal offered rides guestbus
Cars stand at the house
Free WiFi  

Not included
Entrance fees and guides
Apartment maintenance during stay
Note: hiking shoes are recommended.