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Apartment St. Nikola
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Apartment house & apartments


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In the center is located on the B3 a small bridge over the creek Dimbach. A large sign at the main road show you the way to the 150m distant apartment house.
The house was built in 2002 and completed in 2005 and has 8 Apartments to rentals in size from 77m² to 95m².
There are used the latest technology in building insulation, solar heating for DHW preparation. Internet connections, satellite TV, etc. were realized. Details about these apartments can be found in the list of apartments for apartment numbers. The respective sizes are seen with ground-plan. For rented apartments, the photos are not published at the request of tenants.
3 apartments can be purchased as vacation homes and also have full equipment. For holiday stayment the breakfast buffet is offered in accordance with the relevant quotation for the removal and consumption in the apartment.
Whether in peace to enjoy your holiday, or to enjoy the amenities of the town and the region in the long term – At any rate, you are always welcome!
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