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 Overnight at Strudengau
“Top-Stop”  for motor bikers, cyclists, hikers and boaters
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Years ago, I was founding and longtime member of the “Top-RadStop” and “walking hosts along Danube Trail“.

A river boat brought by decades cyclists guests of my company to the bike path to the right side of the Danube. A boat dock (70 meters from the apartments) is the branch of the Danube (Dimbach) continue to exist. Therefore, a “Welcome” too also boat and rowing friends.

Both neighbors, many friends, my staff and myself were avid motorcycle fans. The club image is present here and still connects our interests.

The many years of experience with my guests made me familiar with all the requirements of the various active holiday. Hence my attention also applies to all other guests aliquot services.

Here is a listing of current services for the guests when booking with overnight stay / breakfast in the apartment St.Nikola:

  • Motorcycle & bicycle parking
in one of the garages;  bicycles are free
  • Welcome pack
Bottle of mineral water, cafe and tea / Relaxbox,
  • Roadside Assistance – 1.Hilfe kept ready by repair material
Bicycle racks,pick stuff, bowls, air pump and compressor, hose, jacket air nozzles, saddles, etc. Supplies at cost
  • Luggage transport
This is performed by an external firm, so that an information is necessary at least one week before needed. The effort for the organization is given the responsibility of realizing the possibility of driving a transport company at the time of request.
  • Washer & Dryer
free for any need
  • Iron board and steam iron
free for any need
  • WLan
free for any need in all the house
  • Breakfast Buffet
When you book a package with breeakfast removal of buffet breakfast is provided for consumation in the fully equipped apartment. Healthy and Delicious many offers, such as, inter alia, Whole grain, cereal, fruit, juice, ….
  • Help to provide information ………
Drive distance, mileage information, Danube ferries, ships,
Highlights route, alternative routes, nearest hotel …
  • information brochure
in the apartment
  • PKW parking
direct beside the apartmenthouse, Garage can be rented

The local restaurant was closed in May 2017. The host has reached the retirement age and retires. Very sad.
The future of the restaurant is currently open. Very good restaurants, pizzerias, specialties, snack stations, etc. in the vicinity.